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“Say what you want to say, and let the words fall out, honestly, I wanna see you be brave…”

My precious girl is off to camp this week while my oldest son and my husband are in Ethiopia. This is Selah’s second year attending Pine Cove camp at The Towers and she LOOOOVES it. Some of you might remember that last year, I found this list she had written down about all the things she wanted to do at camp. I still laugh reading that list!  You can read it here-

This year, we’ve been dealing with a good amount of anxiety. One of the funniest things about Selah is that she isn’t scared of things she should be scared of, and she IS scared of things that likely will never happen. She can deal with anxiety even over things she has done multiple times, and sometimes she doesn’t recognize what is happening in her mind and body as anxiety. I’ve been working with her a ton this year on stopping and recognizing what is happening to her physically and emotionally, being able to put a name on it, and making a plan to relax. What happens when she DOESN’T do these things is that she will get nervous, get unfocused and impulsively act on whatever idea pops into her head. I don’t think I need to tell you that those ideas are not always wise (see also multiple self inflicted haircuts).

So this month, I started seeing her display anxiety and I knew part of it was Wes and Josiah leaving and part of it was her going to camp. Even good stress is still stress, but sweet Selah just doesn’t always recognize that, so one afternoon I snuggled with her in my reading chair and asked her to make a list of all the things she was worried about for camp week, and asked her to write down some truth about those fears and a plan for how to fight off that anxiety. The following is part of her list (some of her fears are too personal for blogging), and some of her methods for calming down.


What I am scared of, by Selah Nicole Butler the First

1. What if daddy and Josiah have so much fun and don’t want to come home?

Truth- Daddy and Josiah have more fun at home because we have more fun things like pizza and sports on tv and Watermark and friends. And I am here and Mommy is here so daddy will always come home for mommy.  I should write to daddy sweet words so he doesn’t forget that I live here in AMERICA.


2. I am nervous because what if there’s a rat when daddy is gone and it bites me.

Truth- Mommy will just call a brave man in our community group but I don’t know who that is. I should find out. Mommy will call the xfrigerader (so close) to come and set traps. I can make my own trap with a pipe cleaner and cheese and a net. I need a net. I can use tights. 


3. Scared because a girl at camp last year said I talk too much.

Truth- God made me have all my words and HE LOVES ME SO THERE. Pray that she likes me. Pray that if I have too many words, they should mostly be about God. Some of them can be about horses and Taylor Swift.


4. What if it floods at camp?

Truth- Selah, remember about Noah. If it rains a lot, we can build tree houses. God, can you make it rain a lot?


5. What if an Ethiopian person gets mad at Josiah about talking about Jesus and he hits him with a broom or a rock or throws him into a crocodile pit. 

Truth- Daddy is there and he is strong. Josiah can run really fast. He can swim fast too. Maybe if he hits him with a broom then Josiah will catch the broom and then sweep his kitchen for him so he will want to listen about Jesus. Mr. Tim will protect him too. And Ms. Baker will because she is a teacher so she knows what to do when kids are mean. I wish Ms. Baker was my teacher. If Josiah gets hurt, I will never stop crying. I will be very mad at that man and I will throw a evangle cube at his face. 


6. What if I ride a horse and it gets spooked by a snake and it runs away and I fall off of it and I land on top of the snake and it makes the snake mad and the snake is Voldamart’s snake. 

Truth- I’m just kidding about the Voldamart part. If my horse gets spooked, I will just say whoa nelly and feed it carrots. If the horse doesn’t like carrots, I will feed it mexican food. If I fall off the horse, my counselor will carry me to the hospital and mommy will drive really fast to come visit me and bring me some flowers. I will forgive my horse because it’s a horse and I don’t even know if they have brains. I would be so scared if I saw a snake too, especially if it has jewels on it’s back. It’s like snakes are trying to trick people because they are shiny with diamond on their backs but they are mean. That’s just like STAN (pretty sure she meant satan) because he tricks people that he’s nice but he just wants to steal, kill, and destroy. He even wants to kill horses. 


7. What if my counselor is mean or doesn’t love Jesus or doesn’t like me or is a boy.

Truth- I don’t think my counselor is a boy because that is not aprowprate. I think my counselor will like me because I am nice and I will make her bracelets and I will brush her hair and I will sing to her but I WON’T SING JUSTIN BEIBER DON’T ASK ME. If my counselor is mean I will ask her what’s wrong? and give her a hug because everybody has a bad day. 


8. What if a girl is mean to Mela because she has brown skin? What if Mela cries?

Truth- I will WANT to punch her but I won’t punch her because I will get in BIG trouble and that girl is just sad and she might not have any friends. I will tell Mela how pretty she is because she has really pretty curly hair. I will make Mela a special BFF bracelet and I will make the other girl a bracelet and tell her she can only wear it when she will use kind words. I will hold Mela’s hand if she cries and give her tissue and ice cream. I will cry too because that’s so so mean. I will pray with Mela because she loves Jesus too. But I might not pray with the mean girl until later because I will be so so mad. 


Well, there you have it. Let’s hope none of these things happened at camp this week!

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“Oh baby, you know I may be a fool, I’m wastin’ my time by goin’ to school, The way you got me holdin’ your door, I can’t do my homework anymore…”

It’s almost February, and the days are long. And the hours from 3:00-7:00 are even longer. I’ve hit that time of year when I can’t get warm no matter what I wear and Wes is not happy about me setting the thermostat to 75. I’m tired of making soups and chili. Give me flip-flops or give me death.

There is something that I feel I need to confess. A friend was being very sweet and said this to me- “I don’t know how you keep up with three kids!”  We were talking about school projects and paperwork, and I laughed really hard and ruined her image of me.

I don’t.

I mean, I try. I have a system, y’all! Several systems. Multiple systems for when my systems don’t work. And a few back up systems. But I’m not going to lie and tell you that I didn’t find a paper this morning that I was supposed to have signed. In November.  But even keeping up with forms is not as hard as this other thorn in my side.  Homework.

It’s called homework because it makes your house feel like those old factories from the 1920s where you ate a crust of bread for lunch and lost fingers in machines and wore pinafores. I don’t really know what a pinafore is, but it sounds dreadful. It wasn’t supposed to be this way…

The mom in my head is one who greets her children at the door with a smile and hug. They have a snack waiting on the table for them, something with protein and carbs to bless their little bodies with energy and strength. Then all three sit at the table while she rotates, helping each one achieve academic greatness with their homework. When it’s done, she kisses them on their cherubic heads and papers are neatly filed into folders, placed back into backpacks and backpacks are gently placed into their own special cubby, ready to be used on the morrow. The children, their minds sharp from learning and their bodies nourished from the snack she lovingly prepared, go outside to ride their bikes and spread cheer to the neighbors.

But I have to, HAVE TO, be honest with you. I have my strengths as a mother and wife, but this is typically how after school goes…

Kids fly in through the door and I am in the kitchen, trying to get prep work done on dinner…



Josiah- “-Some sentences about who did what wrong on the way home-”

Me- “Guys, hold- hold on. Guys. I can’t. Guys. Guys. GUYS.” (while dodging the flurry of papers that they are throwing at me)

Malachi- “Can I have a snack?”

Me- “yep. In a minute”

Selah- “Did you write me any letters today?”

Me- “Nope. Do you all have homework?”

Chorus of yes and various complaints of the overwhelming responsibility of being in school…

Me- “okay, well…Josiah, why don’t you go up to your room and Malachi, you sit here near me and Selah…Selah…SELAH. WHERE ARE YOU?”

Selah emerges from the playroom wearing a wedding dress and clown wig.

Me- “Selah. It’s not dress up time yet. You have to do homework first. You sit on that side of the table.”

Selah- “but that’s not my side.”

Malachi- “it doesn’t matter Selah. Don’t make a foolish argument”


Josiah- “it doesn’t matter. You didn’t even buy this table. You don’t have a side.”


Me- “guys. It doesn’t matter. Selah, just sit and get your homework out. Boys, you too.”

I hate homework. I hate it like a fat kid hates gluten-free cake. Hate it more than Uggs with shorts. I hate it more than Rainbow Doom Loom, which is saying a lot. I mean, I could just try to blame my kids and say that they are too rowdy, but the truth is, I am just terrible at helping them. I have no patience. I want it to be oooooooover. And Lord help us if the directions aren’t clear. It takes me approximately 4 seconds of staring at something I don’t understand to say “Uh…I think you are supposed to uh…write some numbers or stuff”

Sitting with the kids at the table while they get out their homework…

Child –  “I don’t know what to do”

Me- “it says write a sentence with the word “have” in it.”

Child- “What do you mean?”

Me(Oh Lord…what do you mean, what do I mean?? A sentence. With have.)– “A sentence. What is something you could talk about, using the word have?”

Child- “What does “have” mean?”

Me- (Oh. My. Word.  I HAVE a pencil that I will perhaps shove in my eye.)– “Have is…like…you are in possession…I mean…it belongs to you”

Child- “what belongs to me?”

Me- (shoot me. Just write a sentence. ANY SENTENCE WILL DO.) “Nothing. Just use it in a sentence”

Child very sloooooooooowly writes the word H-A-V-E

Me-(I. can. not.)– “honey (gritting teeth), that’s not a sentence. Okay, let me give you a hint. I blank a favorite book.”

Child- “Why are you putting your book in a blanket?”

Me- (I am going to actually perish right now) “No, not blanket. I (hum) a favorite book. Fill in with the woooooooord?” (Come on. You can do this. Say have)

Child- “pizza”

Child 2- “Can you help? Jennifer has eight flowers and John gives her four flowers and she gives three flowers to Chris, how many flowers does Jennifer have?”

Me- (please. ask me anything but a word problem. Ask me how babies are made. Ask me about periods. Please don’t ask me about Jennifer and her ever-loving flowers) “Well, how many does she start off with?”

Child 2- “Are they boyfriend and girlfriend?”

Me- “that’s not important to the problem”

Child 2- “but why is he giving her flowers?”

Me- (deep breaths, Brandy. Be thankful for curiosity)– “I don’t know honey. Maybe it was her birthday”

Child 2- “Why is she giving away the flowers? That’s not nice.”

Me- (I don’t know. Jennifer sounds sketch)– “Sweetie, it’s not real. We just need to figure out the problem”

Child 2- “What kind of flowers are they?”

Me- (I hate Jennifer and her whole family and everything she stands for.)

And I am just going to be honest and tell you that the other child doesn’t like help with his homework and that does not make me sad. So there you go- this is my confession. I’m so sorry, teachers. I am that parent that you wonder if they ever look at the folder. I do look at the folder. Most of the time.

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“The road is long with many a winding turns that leads us to who knows where, who knows where, But I’m strong, strong enough to carry him, he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother…”

My name is Josiah and I want to tell you what it’s like to adopt a little brother. I was really little when my mom and dad told me that we were going to adopt another child. I think I was like, four years old. I remember that I was really hoping that it would be a boy. I already had a sister. That was enough.  I also remember being nervous because I never had a brother before and I hoped we would get along and he would like me. I also was excited because I never met anyone from another country and I really wanted to meet someone who lived somewhere else. I REALLY hoped he would be younger than me. I told my mom that it didn’t matter, as long as it was a boy, but actually I really really really wanted to stay the oldest but I didn’t tell her that. My mom and dad prayed and I remember that they taught me how to pray for a new brother or sister.

I remember that Ms. Amy came over to our house to talk about adoption. She was really nice and pretty and she was nicer than I thought she would be. I thought she would be not as nice, kind of like Professor McGonagall. Not as strict as Professor Snape, but still pretty strict. My mom made cookies for her and wouldn’t let us have ANY. That was so weird. Ms. Amy even gave us hugs and she had cool clothes on. My sister Selah and I went into the back of the house and played while she talked to my mom and dad BUT my sister and I were hiding and trying to listen. I was listening because I thought maybe Ms. Amy had a brother for me in her car and she was waiting to see if we wanted him. Selah was just listening to see if they were eating all the cookies. I remember that Ms. Amy looked at our rooms and I messed up Selah’s room so it would be messy because I wanted Ms. Amy to tell my mom and dad that the little brother should only sleep in my room. I never told my mom this but I cried really hard after Ms. Amy left because I really thought she had a brother in her car. Mommy heard me crying but I didn’t tell her why.

I don’t remember very much about when we found out about Malachi. I was only four, remember? I remember that mom took us up to my daddy’s office and she didn’t even notice that I didn’t have shoes on and my sister had her swimsuit on. I remember that I sat on Daddy’s couch in his office and everybody kept coming in and crying and stuff. I could tell it was happy crying though you know, like the kind girls do a lot when they wave their hands and stuff. I saw a picture of Malachi and he was the cutest boy I’ve ever seen. His hair was HUGE and I remember telling my mom that he and I looked exactly alike because we both have brown eyes. I know, that’s crazy because I have peach skin and blonde hair, but I was four. Remember that I was four. Mommy also read that Malachi had breathing problems. I remember telling mommy later that maybe God put Malachi in our family because I already have asthma and so I can tell him that it’s not that bad and I can hold his hand if he doesn’t like breathing treatments. I remember that mommy cried and did that hand waving thing when I said that.

My sister and I stayed with my MawMaw and PawPaw and I remember that they took us to NASA. I remember that PawPaw told me about a space shuttle that crashed and I cried later because I got scared about the plane crashing. I also remember I had to sit in time out but I don’t remember why. It might have been Selah’s fault.

The day that my brother came home is one of my favorite days. We got dressed and went to the airport which was so boring. I remember that there were lots of people there waiting and we made a really long sign to hold. When mommy and daddy walked out, I ran and hugged my mom first. I didn’t hug Malachi right away because I wasn’t sure if he would like me, but I remember being a little mad because everyone was crowding him and I was thinking “back off, that’s MY brother!”

If you already have kids and you want to adopt another, I think you should. I think adopting from Ethiopia is really cool, but there are lots of kids everywhere that can be adopted. My brother calls me his best buddy for life, and I am! He makes me really mad sometimes like when he ruins my legos or he won’t let me sleep in or when he won’t stop singing trouble trouble trouble because my sister is like, obsessed with Taylor Swift, but I love him and he’s awesome. I’m sure there’s more that happened but remember, I was only four.

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Dear Ms. A….

Dear Ms. A,

I know you already know this, but my name is Selah Nicole Butler the First.  I just like to call myself that.  I am so excited to be in your class this year, because you taught my brother last year and he said you are really nice and a good teacher. When my mom got the letter in the mail, I was upstairs and I was crossing my fingers and praying “PLEASE let it be Ms. A!” and I guess God said yes! I think we will have so much fun this year, because Josiah said you are fun and I know I am fun. I have so many ideas of things we could do this year. I have so many ideas all the time. When I wake up in the morning, I usually go into my parent’s room and say”Mommy, what if we did _____ today??”  Sometimes she says okay, but sometimes she says something about it’s not time to wake up yet. Sometimes I even have ideas in the middle of the night and I wake up and tell mommy about them. Then she usually says something like we can’t play in the sprinkler in the middle of the night or whatever. Sometimes I get frustrated that I can’t do all my ideas, it’s like my ideas are sometimes just too big for my head and even too big for the world!  Mommy and Daddy say that they think I am going to change the world. I don’t know if they mean because of my cotton candy idea (I invented a button in your car that gives you cotton candy to eat while you are driving but it stops if you drive over the speed limit. Then no one would speed and get into car crashes because everyone loves cotton candy!)

I told my mom something this summer that I am scared of. See, something you might not know is that Josiah and I are very different. He likes school A LOT and he really likes homework. I think he likes homework because he can do it alone and he does it really fast. Sometimes he does it so fast that mommy makes him go back and do it again, just so he can do it more carefully.  I think Josiah is the smartest boy I know, and he thinks school is super easy. I don’t know what his grades are because mommy and daddy don’t let us see them yet, but I bet his are really good. I like school too, but it is not easy for me. Have you ever been to a rock concert? With all the crowds and the loud noises and the lights and smells and everyone is bumping into you and it’s easy to get lost and confused and scared? School feels like that for me most of the time. Sometimes I can’t tell if someone is really my friend or if they are making fun of me. I like to believe the best about people, so sometimes kids make fun of me and I don’t even notice. School is also hard for me because all my ideas take up all the space in my brain and it crowds out all the other things like reading and math. Word problems are especially hard for me. I always forget what they are really asking because I get distracted by what they are eating or wearing or how I think they are feeling. Those are important things! Mommy says it’s not important to understand if Sally is angry or sad that Johnny took some of her apples, but I think knowing how someone feels is ALWAYS more important than knowing what happened. I reminded mommy that she always tells me that people are more important than things. She mumbled something about not ever homeschooling after that, but I don’t know what that means. It’s kind of sneaky, but I also figured out that if something is hard and I don’t know how to do it, it’s just more fun to think about the things I DO know how to do. And sometimes I DO know how to do a problem…but then the air conditioner turns on or someone comes in the room and it distracts me, and then I forget about what I am supposed to be doing and then I think about how pretty it is outside and I hope I see a bunny at recess and I wonder how Malachi is doing at school and did you know we are having spaghetti for dinner tonight??

Mrs. A, I told my mommy that one thing that scares me is that you won’t like me as much as you like my brother because he’s so good at school. When I told mommy that, she looked right at me and hugged me super tight and said “God gave you an amazing brain and I can’t wait to see all that He’s going to do with it!” She also cried a little. She thinks I didn’t notice, but I notice EVERYTHING. But I am a little scared that you might get frustrated with me because Josiah always knows where his things are and he never forgets his homework. I might need you to help me remember to take my folder home and where my locker is. I might need help knowing if someone is being nice or mean. I might need you to tell me that it’s okay that I don’t read as fast as my brother does. If you do these things, I will teach you all the Taylor Swift songs.

You and I are going to have so much fun this year. I know that for sure- I’m Selah Nicole Butler the First, EVERYONE has fun with me!



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Dear Ms. M…..

Dear Ms. M,

My name is Malachi and I am in your kindergarten class this year. This is my very first time in a school before, so I am very excited but a little nervous too. I have a big brother named Josiah and a big sister named Selah. They’ve told me lots of things about kindergarten! Some of them sound fun but I think some of them are not true. Josiah told me that there are not any snacks in kindergarten. I probably will ask you a lot about snacks. I’m sorry if I forget your answer, I just really love snacks! Also sometimes I think if I ask a lot of times, you might change your answer! Selah told me that if you get in trouble for talking in class, you have to go sit inside your locker but I KNOW that’s not true because mommy gave her a look when she said it. She also told me that in kindergarten, you have to eat mashed potatoes if you get in trouble. Mommy made her go to her room after she said that, so I bet it’s not true.

I guess I should tell you some things about me. A long time ago, my mommy and daddy wanted to have a very cool little boy, so they prayed and asked God to help them. God looked around and He found me in Ethiopia. I needed a family, so mommy and daddy flew on a big plane to come and get me. I was so scared at first that I wouldn’t even look at my daddy but then he played soccer with me and made me laugh. I love my mommy so much but my daddy is my favorite. I got to fly on a plane and come home to Josiah and Selah. Sometimes I think I like Josiah even more than mommy and daddy!  We call each other “best buddies” and I love to sneak into his bed and sleep with him. I am very glad that Josiah will be at my school too. I might ask you if I can please go see him if I get scared. Josiah makes me laugh and keeps me safe. He always looks out for me when we are around other kids, especially if kids ask silly or mean questions. Sometimes kids ask if he’s my real brother. Sometimes they say that I am lying if I say he’s my brother and that makes me really mad. Mommy and Daddy told me that if I get really mad, I can talk to you about it but I should be kind to the other kids. Josiah is my very bestest friend, and I might cry if I miss him. I love to play with Selah too. Selah always has the BEST ideas! My mommy and daddy think we need another girl in our family, and I’m excited because she will have brown skin like me. I like to know if people have brown or peach skin, so I ask that question a lot. Another thing about me is that I really like to make people laugh. Everyone says that I have the best laugh in my family. I think lots of things are silly, but I also smile and laugh when I get nervous. Sometimes people think I am being sassy, but I’m really just nervous. Sometimes mommy has to remind me to try other things to feel less scared because we can’t be silly ALL the time. Also sometimes when I get nervous, I fall over a lot and get clumsy.  I don’t know why I do that, but mommy has to remind me how to sit and walk like a big kid. Here are some of my favorite and least favorite things-

Favorite food- pizza

Least favorite food- mashed potatoes. I will literally throw up if you ask me to eat them.

Favorite book- Kiss Goodnight

Favorite movie- “Tangled”

Favorite activities- singing, talking, playing Xbox, riding my bike, talking, soccer, talking.

Least favorite activities- cleaning up, wearing socks, sleeping

I bet being a teacher is hard, so I have been praying for you this summer with Mama. One of the hardest parts of being a kid is obeying my parents and I bet one of the hardest parts of being a teacher is parents too. My parents are very fun and we laugh a lot in our house. My mommy and daddy like to help, so you can ask them for help with me or with the class and they will help you. I know a secret about my mama too- when she bought my school supplies, she cried a little. She’s glad I’m going to kindergarten, (especially after last week when I dug holes in our neighbor’s yard to make swimming pools for Selah’s barbies) but I know she’s going to miss me. She didn’t say this to me, but I know she’s nervous that someone might be mean to me or ask me mean questions about my forever family or my birth family.  She’s a little nervous that I might feel hungry at school.  I’m a very big boy now, but mommy still thinks about me when I was living in Ethiopia and I didn’t always get to eat very much. My hands are very strong now, but she remembers when my hands used to shake because I was scared of people with peach skin. I get so many hugs and kisses now from my family but my mama sometimes still thinks about when I didn’t get any hugs or kisses. That might make her want to come up to the school just to give me a hug. Don’t worry, my dad will probably talk her out of it. He’s great like that.

I’m so excited- only four more sleeps! I promise to try my best and work hard! I will also bring you flowers and invite you over for dinner. I’ll see you next week.



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“There are watercolour ponies on my refrigerater door and the shape of something I don’t really recognize, Drawn by careful little fingers and put proudly on display a reminder to us all of how time flies…”

Selah is at camp this week, so it’s been rather quiet around the house. She was excited about going to Pine Cove, but also nervous. Sometimes she struggles with being able to put words on what she is feeling, so we can tell that she’s sad/scared/anxious, but she can’t articulate why. This year, I have really worked with her on writing down her feelings and possible ways to deal with those feelings. Aparently, she took this to heart, because I was cleaning her room and found a list she made.  I am beyond curious to find out how many of these she accomplished this past week….

Things I can do at Pine Cove Camp

1. eat pudding

2. find Black Beauty if she lives there

3. Pray for a baby sister- NO BROTHERS

4. Tell girls about when Taylor Swift said hi and touched me (read about that here- )

5. drink so much sprite

6. remember to ask whats your name first

7. ask if I can sleep in the stable. maybe they let me or maybe they wont. pray for yes. Obey if she says no.

8. don’t brag about Taylor Swift that she’s my BFF

9. Don’t drink the pool

10. tell my counselor about Jesus if she doesn’t know. she might already know.

11. I can give my fairy costume away to a girl who likes it.

12. remember to hug GENTLY like cotton candy

13. find a girl that is lonely so she wont be lonely because we can be friends

14. Think about sunday

15. im not going to think about daddy and josiah and malachi and mommy so I don’t want to be so sad

16. be brave and get on the lip line

17. maybe the horse can sleep in my cabin

18. tell my counselor if the music is too loud. maybe she will take me to ride the horses.

19. find a boy with brown skin to look at so i can think about sweet little Mally muffin

20. smile at girls so they might like to play with me

21. that’s all I can do

Coming clean- I totally cried reading this. I love that she wants to binge drink sprite, think about her dog, get on the *zip* line, and adorably try to manipulate her counselor into taking her horseback riding again. I LOVE that she is thinking about how be a good friend, how to be generous, and how to share the gospel with her counselor (LOL). What a sugarpie.

Stay tuned to find out which goals she reached!

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“Handle so hot I can’t stand it, might shrivel up and blow away, noonday sun make you crazy, least, that’s what the old men say…”

The heat of summer is officially on us, as crayons melt in cars and eggs fry on sidewalks. Yesterday in Dallas, as the heat climbs towards triple digits, I was out running errands with the kids, and they began to complain about the heat. As we walked back to the car, the whining had reached a fevered pitch, and I was on the verge of pulling out my hair. When we got into the car, after the fifth request for waaaaaaateeeerrrrrrr because we are dyyyyyyyyyinnnnggggg….I told the kids that if they were going to complain about the heat, they were going to have to do it creatively. I told them that the most creative way to describe the weather would win a drink from Sonic.(highly coveted in our house, as Sonic ice is made of unicorn wings and joy). The following are the most creative entries, and I told the kids that my readers would get to choose the winner.

“I feel like my hair is made out of sparklers”

“It’s so hot that the desert is crying because they are so hot even though they are the desert”

“It’s really really hot and I don’t like it at all. For real, yo”

I think if I tried to eat ice right now it would run away and scream because my mouth is too hot”

“My feet feel like they are made out of sparklers. Wait. no. My feet feel like they are made of roller skates but they are shooting fire.”

“It’s so hot that Taylor Swift isn’t going to be modest anymore. That’s sad.”

“It feels like there’s no more hope in the world because it got burned up.”

“If I went swimming right now it would feel like jello but before you put it in the fridge”

“I think if mommy tried to turn the oven on for dinner, it would scream NO at her”

“My eyes feel like they have melted in my head and now I have brain eye soup”

“It feels like God might be just a little bit mad at us.”

“If I was a tomato plant, I would be making spaghetti sauce right now”

“If it rained right now, I would cry in disbelief”

“It feels like I’m best friends with the dragon in Harry Potter and I don’t want to hang around him because he’s too hot but I have to because he’s my best friend. And sometimes he takes me to Sonic.”

“It’s hot enough to write a rap song about how hot it is but it’s too hot to perform it.”

“I just want to sleep at Braum’s house”

“I feel like I want to shave the dog”

“I think Santa is smart.”

“I wish I was a boy. Wait, no I don’t want to be a boy. But they don’t have to wear shirts. I wish I would be a girl and not wear a shirt and no one would look. Yeah.”

“My heart feels broken. Like someone tried to make a s’more on it”

“Maybe there is a giant with a really big glass and he’s burning us”

“Would God flood the earth again if we said please?”

“I want to go to New York. I know it’s hot there but they have really tall buildings and we could climb to the top and pull the string thingy to turn the sun off”

“It’s too hot to play this game anymore”

All in all, I’d say they were pretty creative! Mamas, this worked for the afternoon and I’ve used it since then- if they want to complain, they have to describe it creatively and I’ve been making them write them down- usually they giggle so much that they forget to be grouchy, AND we are getting some good writing skills in!

So what’s your vote? Winner gets a drink of their choice: )

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