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“So listen, little girl, somewhere there’s a King who will love you forever and nothing in the world could ever come between you, my love, and this Lover, So when I kiss you at night and I turn out the light and I tell you you’re never alone, It’s the voice of Jesus calling you his own…”

My heart is full because of His gifts…and He is good.

My heart breaks because pain is real…and He is good.

My heart readies with the protectiveness of a mother…and He is good.

My arms have extended to fit one more…and He is good.

My fingers curl around another tiny hand…and He is good.

My throat catches as I grieve with her…and He is good.

My smile is bigger when I hear her laugh…and He is good.

My eyes cried with a new voice saying Mommy…and He is good.

My pain is soothed by promises of His justice…and He is good.

My life is changed forever…and He is good.

Meet Ella, our new baby girl. Our precious and loved daughter. Our most fun surprise. She is five and was born in Ethiopia, but has been living in the states for the last two years. We were approached about adopting her about two weeks ago, and through His sovereignty, were able to bring her home on Wednesday night. She is funny and sweet and spunky and lovey and kind and smart and has stolen all of our hearts. She is brave- oh my, how BRAVE she is. Not just the typical kid brave, the sliding head first down the slide brave, but a deep brave, emotional brave- the kind of brave I want to be.

He sees. He remembers. He doesn’t get distracted. He intervenes. And He is good.



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  1. Ella's new grandma

    Look at that grin! I’m dying from cuteness!


  2. God bless sweet Ella. ❤ Love you all. Thank you. Praying for the transition!


  3. Congratulations! We are so happy for all of you! What a sweet blessing! Love, the Mauldins



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