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Dear Ms. H…

Dear Ms. H,

I probably won’t tell you this, because I’m way too cool to show major excitement, but I am really glad school is starting. I’m in your class this year, and I think fourth grade is going to be my best grade yet. I was nervous this summer because I didn’t know any of the fourth grade teachers, and when we got the letter, I asked my mom if she could look you up on Facebook. She said no, but I am pretty sure she did it later when I wasn’t looking. My mom is funny like that, sometimes she lets me do grown up stuff, but then she cries and stuff because I’m growing. I don’t understand it. Girls are weird!

I bet you want to know what kind of kid I am, huh?  Well, I am the oldest, and that probably will tell you more than anything else about me. I love my brother and sister, and we play together pretty well, most of the time. We don’t get along when they don’t follow what I think the rules are. This probably happens the most with my sister, Selah, because she….well, she pretty much makes up her own rules. I walk to and home from school with her (and now my little brother), and sometimes I get in trouble for being bossy with her- but mostly it’s because I want her to be safe. My mom has told me often that I am not in charge of her, but it’s hard to remember.  This summer, my mom and dad and I worked hard on practicing how to be a leader. Sometimes I think being a leader is just telling people what to do, but I am learning that it’s really more about being humble and serving. I practiced saying “you might be right” A LOT this summer. Last year, my teacher asked me to help some of the other kids with work. I liked doing it (because I love helping my teacher out!) but sometimes the other kids would get mad at me for telling them that their answers were wrong. Mommy taught me about using a “sandwich” with people- it’s where you say something encouraging to someone, then you tell them if they’ve made a mistake, and then you say another encouraging thing to them. I tried it and it works!

Another thing you should know about me is that I have asthma. I learned this summer at camp that lots of people say they have asthma too, but that doesn’t mean they REALLY have asthma, it’s just kind of a word people use, but I have real asthma. I take lots of different medicines in the morning, and a couple of different inhalers. I also use a breathing machine when I need it. Right now my asthma is pretty good, but when it starts getting colder, it will probably get worse. My mom and dad are doing some things this year to try to get my asthma more under control, but for right now, I might struggle. I am allowed to keep my inhaler with me at school, and I know when to use it and how to use it. If I use it and still can’t breathe or keep coughing, I will probably need to see Nurse Patti (who I LOVE). Sometimes when my asthma gets bad, I have to start taking steroids. Steroids make me feel jumpy and restless and HUNGRY. I promise to try to sit still and be nice in class, but the steroids kind of make me feel grumpy too. Sometimes my mom has to come get me because of my asthma and sometimes I have to go to the emergency room. It stinks, but I am pretty used to it. But this year, I kind of got embarrassed when kids would ask me a lot of questions about why I missed school or why my nose was running all the time. I think they thought I was sick and they would catch it. It made me feel bad so that’s why sometimes I didn’t want to talk about it.

The hardest part of school for me is this- I love Jesus. I really really do. I love talking about Him and learning about Him. Last year I bought these cool things that tell about Jesus and I wanted to give them to my friends, but I wasn’t allowed to. I cried because I didn’t understand why I wasn’t allowed to and I cried because some of the kids told me they didn’t want to hear about it. I guess I understand, but it makes me really sad when people don’t want to hear about how much Jesus loves them. Mom tells me that what I tell people about Jesus isn’t as important as the way I treat people so that they can see Jesus changing my heart. It’s also hard because, I’m almost ten and sometimes my friends talk about things that make me uncomfortable or do things that I know I am not supposed to do. And sometimes I think maybe I should join in so I won’t make them mad. It’s really hard to figure out this leader stuff!

My family and I are praying for you this year- I bet fourth graders are hard. I hope I learn a ton of math and finally finish the Harry Potter series. They are my favorite books and my mom and I talk about them a lot. She’s kind of obsessed.

I hope you have had a great summer and I will see you on monday!



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