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Dear Ms. M…..

Dear Ms. M,

My name is Malachi and I am in your kindergarten class this year. This is my very first time in a school before, so I am very excited but a little nervous too. I have a big brother named Josiah and a big sister named Selah. They’ve told me lots of things about kindergarten! Some of them sound fun but I think some of them are not true. Josiah told me that there are not any snacks in kindergarten. I probably will ask you a lot about snacks. I’m sorry if I forget your answer, I just really love snacks! Also sometimes I think if I ask a lot of times, you might change your answer! Selah told me that if you get in trouble for talking in class, you have to go sit inside your locker but I KNOW that’s not true because mommy gave her a look when she said it. She also told me that in kindergarten, you have to eat mashed potatoes if you get in trouble. Mommy made her go to her room after she said that, so I bet it’s not true.

I guess I should tell you some things about me. A long time ago, my mommy and daddy wanted to have a very cool little boy, so they prayed and asked God to help them. God looked around and He found me in Ethiopia. I needed a family, so mommy and daddy flew on a big plane to come and get me. I was so scared at first that I wouldn’t even look at my daddy but then he played soccer with me and made me laugh. I love my mommy so much but my daddy is my favorite. I got to fly on a plane and come home to Josiah and Selah. Sometimes I think I like Josiah even more than mommy and daddy!  We call each other “best buddies” and I love to sneak into his bed and sleep with him. I am very glad that Josiah will be at my school too. I might ask you if I can please go see him if I get scared. Josiah makes me laugh and keeps me safe. He always looks out for me when we are around other kids, especially if kids ask silly or mean questions. Sometimes kids ask if he’s my real brother. Sometimes they say that I am lying if I say he’s my brother and that makes me really mad. Mommy and Daddy told me that if I get really mad, I can talk to you about it but I should be kind to the other kids. Josiah is my very bestest friend, and I might cry if I miss him. I love to play with Selah too. Selah always has the BEST ideas! My mommy and daddy think we need another girl in our family, and I’m excited because she will have brown skin like me. I like to know if people have brown or peach skin, so I ask that question a lot. Another thing about me is that I really like to make people laugh. Everyone says that I have the best laugh in my family. I think lots of things are silly, but I also smile and laugh when I get nervous. Sometimes people think I am being sassy, but I’m really just nervous. Sometimes mommy has to remind me to try other things to feel less scared because we can’t be silly ALL the time. Also sometimes when I get nervous, I fall over a lot and get clumsy.  I don’t know why I do that, but mommy has to remind me how to sit and walk like a big kid. Here are some of my favorite and least favorite things-

Favorite food- pizza

Least favorite food- mashed potatoes. I will literally throw up if you ask me to eat them.

Favorite book- Kiss Goodnight

Favorite movie- “Tangled”

Favorite activities- singing, talking, playing Xbox, riding my bike, talking, soccer, talking.

Least favorite activities- cleaning up, wearing socks, sleeping

I bet being a teacher is hard, so I have been praying for you this summer with Mama. One of the hardest parts of being a kid is obeying my parents and I bet one of the hardest parts of being a teacher is parents too. My parents are very fun and we laugh a lot in our house. My mommy and daddy like to help, so you can ask them for help with me or with the class and they will help you. I know a secret about my mama too- when she bought my school supplies, she cried a little. She’s glad I’m going to kindergarten, (especially after last week when I dug holes in our neighbor’s yard to make swimming pools for Selah’s barbies) but I know she’s going to miss me. She didn’t say this to me, but I know she’s nervous that someone might be mean to me or ask me mean questions about my forever family or my birth family.  She’s a little nervous that I might feel hungry at school.  I’m a very big boy now, but mommy still thinks about me when I was living in Ethiopia and I didn’t always get to eat very much. My hands are very strong now, but she remembers when my hands used to shake because I was scared of people with peach skin. I get so many hugs and kisses now from my family but my mama sometimes still thinks about when I didn’t get any hugs or kisses. That might make her want to come up to the school just to give me a hug. Don’t worry, my dad will probably talk her out of it. He’s great like that.

I’m so excited- only four more sleeps! I promise to try my best and work hard! I will also bring you flowers and invite you over for dinner. I’ll see you next week.



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  1. Wow. *Tears*
    You have such a gift. I seen others say it, so I will chime in, when are you writing a book?! I’d be the first in line to read it! You have such a way of writing that is so gentle and kind, but hysterically funny too. The best part of this blog is that I cry- either from laughing or being so touched by your family. I came here because a friend emailed me the link. We had been considering adoption, but I was more scared than my husband. Reading about your family has made that less scary for me. Thank you for that.


  2. Thanks for a good cry this morning! So sweet!


  3. Love this! I hope he has a great first year of school.

    Does your family know you blog? I’ve been following your blog for a while and I never see anyone comment from your family. If I blogged, I’d keep it a secret from my family so I could talk about them, haha!!

    Sorry, I hope that’s not a rude question, it’s just something that I noticed.


  4. My sweet wonderful Sister, you are awesome and so are my nephews and niece. I hope all went well with getting Mali to kindergarten. I remember when Summer went to kindergarten. I cried, she shoved me out the door saying “Go mom, I got this”. Mali, I love your heart and on behalf of Selahs barbie dolls, your mommas barbie dolls and barbie dolls all over the world, thank you for the pools. Even Barbie need to cool off. Love ya guys…

    P.S. I voted…


  5. precious boy…i want to be his teacher!



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