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“There are watercolour ponies on my refrigerater door and the shape of something I don’t really recognize, Drawn by careful little fingers and put proudly on display a reminder to us all of how time flies…”

Selah is at camp this week, so it’s been rather quiet around the house. She was excited about going to Pine Cove, but also nervous. Sometimes she struggles with being able to put words on what she is feeling, so we can tell that she’s sad/scared/anxious, but she can’t articulate why. This year, I have really worked with her on writing down her feelings and possible ways to deal with those feelings. Aparently, she took this to heart, because I was cleaning her room and found a list she made.  I am beyond curious to find out how many of these she accomplished this past week….

Things I can do at Pine Cove Camp

1. eat pudding

2. find Black Beauty if she lives there

3. Pray for a baby sister- NO BROTHERS

4. Tell girls about when Taylor Swift said hi and touched me (read about that here- )

5. drink so much sprite

6. remember to ask whats your name first

7. ask if I can sleep in the stable. maybe they let me or maybe they wont. pray for yes. Obey if she says no.

8. don’t brag about Taylor Swift that she’s my BFF

9. Don’t drink the pool

10. tell my counselor about Jesus if she doesn’t know. she might already know.

11. I can give my fairy costume away to a girl who likes it.

12. remember to hug GENTLY like cotton candy

13. find a girl that is lonely so she wont be lonely because we can be friends

14. Think about sunday

15. im not going to think about daddy and josiah and malachi and mommy so I don’t want to be so sad

16. be brave and get on the lip line

17. maybe the horse can sleep in my cabin

18. tell my counselor if the music is too loud. maybe she will take me to ride the horses.

19. find a boy with brown skin to look at so i can think about sweet little Mally muffin

20. smile at girls so they might like to play with me

21. that’s all I can do

Coming clean- I totally cried reading this. I love that she wants to binge drink sprite, think about her dog, get on the *zip* line, and adorably try to manipulate her counselor into taking her horseback riding again. I LOVE that she is thinking about how be a good friend, how to be generous, and how to share the gospel with her counselor (LOL). What a sugarpie.

Stay tuned to find out which goals she reached!

photo (4)

photo (3)

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  1. Haha!! As a former devoted Pine Cove Towers counselor and full time staffer, I appreciate this more than you know.. Plus it’s Selah which makes me love it 10 times more. Oh my goodness. The best. Sharing this with my pine cove people. Awesome.


  2. just precious – save FOREVER 🙂


  3. Adorable! #19 is my favorite!


  4. Mom, you are doing it right. I’m in so much awe right now.


  5. Sweet girl!!!! Love 3, 6, 13 and 20 especially! 🙂



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