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“And it’s knockin’ heads and talkin’ trash, it’s slinging mud and dirt and grass, it’s I’ve got your number, I got your back when your back’s against the wall, you mess with one man, you got us all, we’re the boys of fall…”

Things overheard during a playdate with five boys…

“My mom says drums are okay, but I know she really doesn’t like them.”

“Las Vegas is a spanish word, but that doesn’t mean there’s ONLY spanish people there.”

“Yeah but mostly.”

“Are you sure?? I thought Las Vegas sounds like fancy, like french or Chinese.”

“Dude, I know A LOT about Las Vegas.”

“Lying is a sin. It’s in the ten commandments. I hear that all the time.”

“Is there an 11th commandment?”

“Yep. It’s that you aren’t allowed to say boogers.”

“Did you know if you jump into the pool real fast, the water goes up your shorts and it makes like a farting noise?”

“Girls care about things that are so weird, like hair. I mean, it just grows, it doesn’t DO anything!”

“My mom doesn’t really care about her hair I think. But she cares about plants and that’s just as weird.”

“Hey guys! I love drugs.”

“Haha, I meant medicine!”

“Dude, that’s not funny. You aren’t supposed to take drugs, it’s in the bible”

“Yeah, don’t take drugs and don’t say boogers”

“I think snow cones should be pizza flavored.”

“Wouldn’t it be cool if Tiger’s Blood snow cones were made out of real tigers?”

“They aren’t made of tigers. They are made out of falcons.”

“I think if a tiger and falcon got into a fight, the tiger would win.”

“That’s crazy! A falcon has like super sharp claws and it can fly away!”

“Yeah but a tiger can jump and grab it and break it’s little wings.”

“Well a falcon could take drugs though and make it crazy”

“Why would a falcon take drugs?? Where would they even get drugs in the wild??”


“Dude, relax. Falcons can’t read.”


So many things I did not know.

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  1. Would live to know which of those statements belonged to my boys. Awesomeness!



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